Who Needs a Moon Phase Watch?

There are many people that can directly benefit from owning a moon phase watch. They are primarily used by hunters, fishermen, and mariners. These fields use these watches because they are dependent on the tides. Farmers also use them as well to know when to plant and harvest certain crops. Hence the Full Moon Harvest. My favorite use of the moon phase watch is for astrology and story telling because of mystery and fun these things bring to our lives.

Muslims also could benefit from this watch as well. There calendar is base on the rotation of the moon, also known as a lunar calendar. That is why they have about 12 days less than normal American calendar. A moon phase watch is a fun way to count down the days to Ramadan (a major Islamic holiday).

Fisher men often claim, which I think there is some truth to, that during certain phases of the moon certain fish will bite more. Here a little hint fish like to bite when either there is a full moon or a new moon. Some free advice from yours truly. If you are fishing in ocean a moon phase watch is a must have. Tides can greatly affect what and where you will catch your fish.

Moon phase watches are also just cool. What I personally like about them is that it another neat way to keep track of time. And some of the good, and I mean good moon phase watches are only off by one day every five hundred years or so. That’s pretty cool engineering. Moon phase complication is also used as just another great feature to add to a watch.